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Elwood 1351 Camden Valley Way, Leppington
  • 1 Parking
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 181.12 Area Size
Get ready to own the house of your dreams with us. Whether you are after a property with a modern facade or prefer a traditional one, we have got some...
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Carina MKII, 1315 Camden Valley Way, Leppington NSW
  • 1 Parking
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 165.75 Area Size
Brand New 3 Bedroom House for Sale in Leppington NSW Located in Leppington, one of the most popular suburbs, this property is within a walking distance to Willowdale shopping center...
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Lalor, 1315 Camden Valley Way, Leppington
  • 1 Parking
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • 358 Area Size
Cheap Brand New House for Sale in Leppington NSW Are you a First Home Buyer looking for a family home or an Investor looking for a chance to get into...

House and Land Packages in Leppington NSW

Searching for the next up-and-coming suburb in NSW? Leppington is one of the best and growing suburbs to seek in the next few decades! Since 2018, Leppington’s house and land packages are not behind to increase its valuable impact and attraction for house hunters. However, there are still some of the few lots that you can get. Just secure a piece of land with Metro home & partners and build your customized dream house in Leppington’s beauty surrounded by forests and farms.

Metro Home & partners is a future prospective company that has the only goal to reach the highest standards with our happy, satisfied clients and employees in the real estate industry in Sydney for years. At our chores, we make sure that all our clients are treated equally with the care and attention they deserve with their points at the priority. Moreover, to ensure the best result as they expect from us!

Why Buy Land & Build Your Custom House in Leppington NSW?

According to different community development experts and researchers predict that Leppington will develop and gain more property value than Camden, Oran Park, and Narellan. Leppington will be a suburb that has the same population growth rate as Sydney.

In 2017, Leppington’s population viewed an increment of 27% and has been the central attraction to new house buyers and young families. Since 2019, Leppington is getting more and more concentrated housing organised in areas near the train stations.
The government is intimating a high proportion of growth in apartment housing and applications.

The approximate cost of house and land starts from $620k and $690 for 3 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms respectively.

The average rental cost for 2 BR,3BR, and 4 BR is $300 PW, $470 PW, and $570 PW, respectively.

The grand opening of the new airport in 2026 has led the government and people to invest and is one of the reasons for all these financial and economical activities in Leppington, NSW.

We can say from hereon, Leppington will be in a great position to be super beneficial in the upcoming years.

Metro Home & Partners understand every prospect and recognise the value of your custom-designed home whether build to be a single storey or double storey carries various dreams, stories, hopes, and personal journeys.

We are here to fulfil and support you through all your house designs,  every step of the procedure, so you can rely on us to get the best work done perfectly.

Benefits of Living in Leppington Area With Your Family

Leppington is one of the beautiful living areas well surrounded by forests and farms. There are many new housing and land developments like East Village, Lucera, Antegra Estate, and nearby suburbs, etc.
The city is more economical, affordable compared in terms of housing rates, food, school, and others.
Six train stations that are under construction will enhance stronger and more helpful transportation connections in South-west Sydney to link Leppington to Badgerys Creek airport.
Leppington is mostly populated with young families and has a friendly neighbourhood.
Therefore, the area is quite peaceful and safe and it is of the reasons that the price of properties in Leppington is affordable and within one’s budget only.

Facilities Near Leppington, New South Wales

5min Drive To Leppington Station

Close To ED Square Shopping Centre

Sydney’s Second Airport, Which Will Be Open At Nearby Badgery’s Creek.

Plenty of Green Open Space. Parks & Sports Fields

10 Schools In a 10kn Radius

Explore The Best Things in Leppington NSW

A proposed new town centre poised to become Southwest Sydney’s major hub, boasting a variety of amenities that are needed to explore the best thing in Leppington. Leppington is full of new exploration and is all worth seeing. You can visit the town centre, entertainment centre, restaurants, cafes, aquatic centre, huge shopping centre, stay nearby for individuals engaged in activities with easy access, cycling linkages and many more.

Education, School & College Near Leppington

Continually, better education is the most critical circumstance you must be worried about If you’re moving to Leppington with your younger ones or settling with a toddler.

But you don’t have to bother about it now, Leppington city has many well recognised, highly ranked k-12 schools and colleges or nearby Leppington station. 

Campuses, colleges and schools like the TAFE campus, Leppington Public School, Clancy Catholic College, St Francis Catholic College, Greenway Park Public school.

Parks and Sports Clubs Near Leppington

People living in Leppington believe in fitness and health. There are sufficient parks, gyms, sports clubs for you and your child. If you want to spend time in a peaceful and blowing air there are parks like Amalfi Memorial Park, Campbelltown Showgrounds etc and if you’re engaged in swimming, Granville Swimming Centre, Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre, etc. There are many local tennis courts like Ryde Tennis Centre, local golf clubs like Camden Valley Golf Resort, local netball courts, local squash courts, and many more.

Airports & Transportation in Leppington

Leppington is connected conveniently to nearby suburbs such as Camden, Liverpool, the Westlink M7 through public transport, train station and Camden Valley Way. From Leppington station, Liverpool is 16 minutes away and the CBD is one hour and 5 minutes via the inner west and south Leppington train line. The other neighbouring living areas like Edmondson Park… The airport is not in operation particularly for Leppington now but the link of Leppington train station is mounting up to connect Leppington to Badgerys Creek airport. However, the grand inauguration of the new airport in 2026 is a highlight.
sydney western airport_near leppington

Culture and Lifestyle in Leppington

Leppington is one of Sydney’s fastest-growing regions in the Southwest, with different cultures and lifestyles planned to offer a sense of community and peaceful living. If you’re young and seeking a euphoric aroma, Leppington is mostly populated with young families and has a friendly neighbourhood. Therefore, the area is quite peaceful and safe.

Climate in Leppington

Are you a rain lover? Leppington can be the best place for you. Even on the driest day, you may see significant rainfall in this city of South-West Sydney.  In general, the climate in Leppington is warm and temperate with the most rainfall.

Healthcare & Hospitals Near Leppington

Leppington Healthcare and hospitals are suitable as a park and sports club.

Leppington Medical centre, Emerald Hills Medical centre, My Family Medical centre are some of the high-rated medical centres in  Leppington

Entertainment & Tourism

Weekly specials, promo nights, events, concerts, and live entertainment are some of the manifestations in Leppington. 

Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment centres like Lockies Hotel, Memory Lane Entertainment, Flat-out Entertainment and the list goes on this point…

Things to Consider Before moving into Leppington NSW

Are you thinking to move in Leppington. There are mainly some sorts of things to consider before moving into Leppington NSW Area.

  • The change in Cost of living
  • House Availability
  • Climate
  • The taxes
  • Services
  • Local Culture Differences
  • Commute Type 
  • Education Quality
  • Health care switches…

Cost of Living with Family in Leppington NSW Area

Leppington NSW is affordable, less expensive due to mostly inhabitants of young families. 

The rental cost or buying a new house is within one’s budget. The approximate average rental cost is $570 PW whereas $787k for a new house in 2021 according to the latest price data update.


Why acquire a house and land package in Leppington, NSW?

Leppington city is one the fastest and developing in SouthWest Sydney. The extensive plans and development of different sectors have become the highlight of it. 

Moreover, the inhabitant of young families, affordable living in terms of housing, food, schooling, health care and also a quiet and peaceful environment has attracted everyone in Australia.

Why get a house and land package from Metro Homes & Partners?

We are a future-oriented housing company with a multicultural team of experts in the real estate industry. 

We analyse everything from the beginning, either it’s from site selection to marketing or sales. 

Once you rely on us to get a house and land package, we make sure you become one of our happy and satisfied clients.

How to coordinate with Metro Homes & Partner in finding your suitable house in Leppington?

Well, you simply give a call at 1300 757 014 or email us at sales@metrohomesnsw.com.au to coordinate with us in finding your suitable house in Leppington.

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Are you thinking to move in Leppington. These are the things you need to consider before moving to Leppington NSW



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