best places to live in sydney with children

Are you thinking of moving to Sydney NSW and nearby areas with your family? In this post we’ve listed the best places to live in Sydney for a family with children.

Throughout this blog, you’ll know the places that are kid-friendly, pleasant for you, and full of vital resources that do not lead to contempt.

Moreover, the place where your family may live as much as life allows or as much as they like.

So bringing them down…
Read till the end of the page.

Sydney, a “City of Villages” undoubtedly a place with beach beauty, exotic, resilient

It has numerous linking suburbs, and this is where a family with children moving to Sydney can choose from a diversity of best regions to experience.

The “Suburbs”

The term “suburbs” conjures up images of cookie-cutter homes with well-kept front lawns and white fences, identical families driving identical vehicles, and a general lack of panache.

Sydney is one of Australia’s economic capitals, and a recent survey found that more than 20% of people regard proximity to the CBD to be a key criterion when looking for a home.

However, the additional purpose to live in Sydney, that it has all, from better-value residences to better-performing schools in the area, as well as safer streets and fun activities for kids.

Whatever your family’s intentions are, make sure you thoroughly investigate a place before deciding to live there, since this may be your home for the next decade or more.

Take the time to tour the region to see if the suburb matches your needs. especially if you are unfamiliar with the area.

This may make the task less difficult.

What is considered the best suburbs in Sydney for families?

Do you have children and dogs with you? In Sydney, you’ll want to look for family-friendly places.

Family-friendly suburbs are frequently closer to large shopping malls and shopping centers, eliminating the need to travel into the city center for your shopping.

They also have enough safe room for your older children to hang out and for children, it’s even more. They will always be motivated and involved in their interesting piece of work if they are close to schools, sports facilities, and other activities.

Rental properties can be more affordable in family-friendly suburbs because they are often further from downtown.

Remember that Sydney is an expensive city, regardless of where you decide to live. Look for public transportation that connects you to the city center.

Here are some of our suggestions to help you out to choose one of the best places to live in Sydney for a family with children before you make your decision.


Waverley is a promising area for families hoping to live in Sydney, with top schools all with kids’ playfields and several parks.

Waverley, while not as well-known as some of its surrounding neighborhoods, provides potential tenants with slightly the best affordable places to live in Sydney.

The area is relaxed and mellow, making it an excellent place to raise a family in a safe atmosphere.

If you opt to partake in any beach activities, you’ll just be a few minute’s drive off.


There are several excellent schools in Sydney, and Carlingford serves as one of the best suburbs in Sydney for schools.

James Ruse Agricultural High School in Carlingford, an integrated co-ed school, has dominated the list for successful rankings in Sydney for a long period.

This school, which is situated on a five-acre farm, allows pupils to study both practical and theoretical agriculture as part of their high school education.

Carlingford Public School, Murray Farm Public School, and Carlingford West Public School are all within walking distance.

This is also one of the more family-friendly parts of Sydney. You’ll also benefit from Western Sydney’s significantly lower housing prices.


Coogee is another eastern suburb easy-going, family-friendly ‘burb noted for its gorgeous beach, vast parks with plenty of services, and easy access to Bondi and the rest of the city via convenient and reliable bus links.

This neighborhood can be more expensive than additional family-oriented suburbs/places, so keep that in mind, especially for the first-time renter.

However, if finances permit, Coogee is an excellent spot to raise children, with tennis courts, swimming pools, and a cricket pitch all within walking distance, not to mention the beautiful beach.

Baulkham Hills

Baulkham Hills is another suburb in Sydney, Australia. It is a family-friendly neighborhood in the Green Hills District.

You’ll be glad to know that there’s plenty of green areas for your kids to engage and free some spirit after school.

Baulkham Hills High School, a combined secondary school for years 7-12, with the city’s second-best success rate.

Your children will be in good hands there. The “diverse and inclusive learning community” of this remarkable co-educational high school has been admired.

Matthew Pearce Public School, Crestwood High School, and Model Farms High School are all located in Baulkham Hills.


You don’t have to give up your hip, metropolitan lifestyle just because you’ve started a family. Simply relocate to Glebe.

The cheap inner-west suburb is home to a diverse population of young professionals and families, as well as excellent schools and transportation alternatives.

On weekends, inhabitants go to the Glebe Markets, see the famed street art, or relax in beachfront parks.

The Forest Lodge, which is less well-known, is also close and offers the same amenities.


Kareela means “place of trees” in Aboriginal, and the suburb more than lives up to its name.

There is a well-regarded primary school, a lovely bay, a small commercial center, and an 18-hole golf course in addition to the lush nature.

As a result, it’s usually recognized as a fantastic spot to start a family.

West Hoxton

West Hoxton is not only more inexpensive than Coogee, but it is also undergoing significant renovations as government money is invested in the development of a commercial hub.

It is hoped to help the local job market, but it will also include family-friendly facilities including outdoor playgrounds, sports facilities, and a childcare center.

Many parks in West Hoxton will be connected to these new facilities securely.

Neutral Bay

Do you want to live a calm life with your family in privacy and seclusion? Neutral Bay might be the right place for you.
If you have high school-aged children, the area has a wonderful elementary school, and private education alternatives in the nearby neighborhoods are worth considering.

Two huge parks (Forsyth and Warringa) are ideal for sports or simply relaxing in the sun.
The Kurraba Reserve combines soothing vegetation with waterside areas where you may observe boats launch and dock.
The Neutral Bay region, like Coogee, is on the costly side, but it is a popular choice for families searching for a dream house and the best suburbs to live in Sydney 2021 with all required resources.

Final thoughts
Got some idea of the best places to live in Sydney for a family with children?

However, finding the appropriate patch for your family can be a little overwhelming at first, with so many suburbs to look out for and choose from.

Yet, with so many suburbs (over 600 at last count) offering a variety of attractions and amenities, you’ll almost certainly find the perfect spot sooner or later.

You possess to be a little careful (Australia is an expensive place to live, and Sydney is currently at the top of the list), there are plenty of places to visit that are fun to explore, safe for the kids to play in, and ideal for your family to grow together in one of the world’s most energetic places.

Let us know if we help a bit or not, we will love to read your thoughts. So, feel free to comment below in the comment section to let us know your ideas and experience through us.

Where can I raise my children in Sydney?

In the Inner West Sydney suburbs, the best places to reside for families are Camperdown, Glebe, Rozelle, Leichhardt, Dulwich Hill, Balmain, and Redfern are all popular with families.

Is Sydney good for families?

Sydney may be Australia’s largest metropolis, but it still offers some family-friendly areas. Either you desire to be part of the babycino belt, need strong schools, or want to live near the seaside, Sydney has it all.

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