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With big investment comes big responsibility!  

And there when you make a major investment, especially in your real estate you must take care of it as well.  

Keeping a home in undamaged shape do require significant maintenance. Depending on the situation, this may include something as simple as replacing smoke detector batteries or the whole fire chimney, the home repair list can go on.  

A few of them may also involve checking the HVAC system or making sure the plumbing is in good working order. You can prevent breakdowns, save money, and keep your home looking its best by regularly inspecting your exterior, appliances, heating, cooling, plumbing, security, and electrical systems.  

How to maintain your home? Organise seasonal updates, repairs, cleaning, as well as a few monthly tasks by using this home maintenance checklist. Keeping the list up to date will help keep your home maintenance running smoothly and efficiently.  

Whenever you need to make repairs or maintain your home, hiring a professional can be a clever idea if the job goes beyond your skill level, but still, we assure you with a house maintenance checklist which can be taken without professional assistance. 


Complete Home Maintenance Checklist for Every Season 


Most people wouldn’t volunteer to spend their Sunday pulling leaves from gutters if given the option.  

In fact, most Australians consider their home to be their most significant investment, so maintaining it is imperative. New homeowners, especially those who have never drained a boiler before, may find home maintenance a daunting task, few of the new home owner might even not know how to take care of your home?  

You do not have to feel overwhelmed. For we have new homeowner maintenance checklist that can go easy with your Sunday or your holiday schedule or for every season. 

Remember during spring, your home comes to life, while in the winter, it hunkers down. 

 Keeping your house in good working order all year long means paying attention to the minute details which is assured by home maintenance checklist by season.  


Summer: home maintenance checklist by season


When the weather is warm and the sun is out, you do not want to worry about the maintenance of house.  

You should enjoy your family time during the summer, and not get it into all home maintenance. But still, some chores must be done. So here is the quick maintenance checklist for summer which can be turned into a monthly preventive maintenance schedule or a quarterly one.  


Inspect plumbing


Check the entire house for leaks. Ensure your toilets are working correctly, check the pipes under the sinks, and look for stains on the ceilings. 

Whenever you see leaks or drips from faucets or shower heads, make sure the washers are replaced. You can remove hard water stains by cleaning aerators and shower heads.  

Showers sinks, and baths should have caulk that needs to be repaired or re-applied. You should also check your water heater’s temperature relief valve as a routine maintenance. 


Inspect fire extinguishers


It is essential to keep your fire extinguisher in good condition. Keep your extinguishers up-to-date by checking them annually.  

Replace extinguishers within 12 months of expiration. Fire extinguisher questions should be directed to your local fire department, as this should be on top of your villa maintenance checklist. 


Test detectors and replace batteries


Your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must get tested quarterly. Replace the batteries in your detectors on or before the summer solstice, as you might forget this one make sure your home maintenance checklist is printable including this point. 


Before you begin, unplug


Make sure the appliance is unplugged. Your refrigerator’s cooling system will get impaired if the coils are dusty and dirty. By vacuuming the coils, you can save on energy costs. 


Window and door washing


Your house’s exterior will not need to be cleaned with a power washer again if you used one in the spring. Your windows and doors will look fresher after a light cleaning with household cleaners. 


Maintain a clean fireplace and chimney


You can also schedule an inspection of your chimney. When chimney swifts are taken up they will need a quick cleaning. 


Additional summer home maintenance checklist


  1. If necessary, repair damaged essential equipment immediately this summer. 
  2. You should inspect your concrete or wood patio for deterioration. Water damage can be prevented by resealing your wood deck. 
  3. If your home is damaged or close to a dead or damaged tree, you should hire an arborist or a tree trimmer to remove it. 
  4. Make repairs to exterior siding as needed if it is damaged or chipped. 
  5. Make sure the locks on your windows and doors are working correctly. 
  6. Make sure that your home is free of leaks and damage caused by water.  


Winter: Complete home maintenance checklist


Your home can suffer from harsh winter weather. Below-freezing temperatures can cause freezing pipes and damaged roofs. Do not let a blizzard ruin your winter maintenance checklist by failing to check these items: 


Observe the basement’s conditions


Ensure your basement is free of leaks and other damp conditions. If you find any leaks, repair them. You should clean the dehumidifier in your basement. 


Maintenance of the water heater


Ensure your water heater has a temperature pressure relief valve with correct settings. 


Preventing frozen pipes


Set faucets to drip if you plan to travel or are concerned about frozen pipes. Travelers and vacationers should keep their thermostats at 55°F or higher.  


Replace batteries and test detectors


You should test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors every three months. The winter solstice should replace all detector batteries. This is mandated for every new home maintenance checklist.  


Additional regular home maintenance checklist for winter  


  1. After snowstorms, check your roof, downspouts, and gutters for damage or debris. 
  2. Clean the air filter and exhaust hood of the kitchen. Holidays are when you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen. 
  3. Refrigerator drip pans and freezer coils should be cleaned. 
  4. Make sure the pressure in your water heater is correct and that there are no leaks. It is possible to prevent flood damage by installing a leak detector. 
  5. The electrical decorations for  holidays should be tightly connected, and exterior decorations should be marked as outdoor only. 


Spring: Complete home maintenance checklist


There is no doubt that spring is around the corner!  

Besides your regular spring cleaning, consider these general upkeep tips for house maintenance. 

Check everything in your home to ensure it’s in good working order with our spring home maintenance checklist: 


Discharge hot water from the heater


Drain the sediment and debris from the bottom of your water heater by draining it completely. Over time, you can save hundreds of dollars by performing this annual maintenance task. 


Window and door inspections


Make sure all weather stripping is removed. Check the latches and locks. Replacement of individual panes or windows may be necessary if broken or old. 


Maintenance of lawns and hedges


Before summer heat arrives, reseed your lawn to fill in bald patches. Do not forget to water your perennials. Rather than fertilizing your lawn in spring, fertilize it once the grass has turned green. 


The garbage and gutters


Rainwater is channeled away from your house via your gutters, protecting your roof, and foundation. 

When gutters are clogged, your roof may leak or water may infiltrate your house.  

When your home is surrounded by trees, you should clean your roof at least twice a year. Make sure no damage has occurred.  


Maintenance of HVAC systems


Get your system ready for summer by prolonging its life and ensuring it works properly. Your HVAC system should be inspected annually by a professional. 

Additional home preventive maintenance checklist for spring  

  1. Winter storms can cause damage to your roof. When significant storms or hail occur during spring and summer, inspect your roof to see if damage has been done. 
  2. Restart outdoor water sources and blow out sprinkler systems. 
  3. An HVAC professional should maintain and inspect your air conditioning system. 
  4. It is possible to prevent electrical fires by replacing worn or damaged extension cords. 
  5. Keep driveways and walkways safe by fixing cracked, broken, or uneven surfaces. 
  6. Verify that none of the exterior faucets have leaks or damage by uncovering and checking them. 
  7. Fire extinguishers should be accessible and operable.  
  8. You should clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and damper for fire prevention. 


Fall: Yearly home maintenance checklist 


Due to dry weather and moderate temperatures in fall, it is the ideal time to tackle general home maintenance projects.  

Check both the interior and exterior of your home before starting your seasonal home maintenance checklist.  

You can accomplish most of these tasks on your own, but if a task is beyond your abilities, you should ask for professional assistance.  

For fall, we recommend the following home improvements: 


Get rid of leaves


There will be leaves falling this autumn. It is recommended to clean the basement window wells at least once a month or more frequently if necessary. 

A monthly gutter inspection is also an innovative idea. Your gutters are behind schedule if you can see leaves in them from the ground. 

Before the seasons change, make sure your snow blower and leaf blower are working correctly. 


Check the windows and doors


Locks and latches should be checked.  

Storm doors should be installed in place of screen doors.  

Replacement of individual panes or windows may be required. You can minimise your winter energy costs by installing weather stripping on your windows and doors, preventing drafts, and keeping your home warmer. 


Testing kitchen appliances


Ensure that your stovetop and range are in good working order.  

It is recommended to clean the ignition on gas ranges or the burner prongs on electric fields if they do not work. It is essential to clean ovens and microwaves regularly. 


Check each carbon monoxide and smoke detector


A monthly smoke and carbon monoxide detector test may be a good idea. Make sure they are tested at least every three months. 


Keeping rodents and other pests out


Pests enter homes when it gets cold outside. Prevent problems from entering your home by taking preventative measures. 


Your chimney should be capped


You will have to wait until the birds leave to have your chimney cleaned. So check if you have had chimney swifts in your home during the summer and late fall. 


Maintain yard and exterior


Winterize your garden, mow and rake your lawn. Keep outdoor patios and decks clean by sweeping and cleaning them as needed.  

You should drain, clean, and cover your swimming pool to prepare it for winter.  

Turn off the water supply before the first freeze is essential to prevent damage to sprinklers and other exterior plumbing.  

Additional Exterior/Interior home maintenance checklist for fall  

  1. Keep sprinklers, and outside water sources drained and outdoor pipes covered to prevent them from freezing. 
  2. Drain, clean, and cover swimming pools. 
  3. It is essential to empty the fuel from gas-powered lawn equipment to prevent damage. 
  4. Inspect and clean chimneys and vents with the help of a certified chimney sweep. 
  5. Make sure to re-caulk/seal all doors and windows to avoid cold air from entering. 
  6. Make sure your air conditioning unit is waterproof by covering it. 
  7. For fire prevention, remove lint buildup from clothes dryer exhaust ducts, dampers, and the space under the dryer. 


Quick Annual home maintenance checklist


Keep your maintenance schedule on track by inspecting your home and completing monthly home improvement checklist. For easy and cost-effective home maintenance, use this checklist throughout the year for with the home maintenance checklist you can; 

  • Lower your energy bills by cleaning the furnace filter to remove dust buildup, reduce energy consumption, and improve temperature regulation. 
  • Examine the bathtub and sink drains for debris, and unclog them if necessary. 
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors should all be tested. 
  • Check the wear and tear on electrical cords. 
  • Vacuum the heat registers and vents. 
  • Flush out sediment in the water heater with hot water. 




It can be prohibitively expensive to replace a roof or HVAC system, even with some home maintenance projects. So, for that one you can take up an annual maintenance contract with a home improvement service agency or take up homeowner’s maintenance insurance. While for a necessary repair it may still be possible to take up these quick checklists. 


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